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It is a conversation between a certain customer and the owner, Mr. Fujibayashi.

-:I'm pleased to meet you, today.
Mr. Fujibayashi (hereinafter referred to as Fuji): Yes, thank you.
-: Speaking of ninja, I only have the image of a historical drama. That's why I always have a strong image of fighting in black, but that stands out.
Fuji: That's right (laughs) It seems that he was usually a farmer and lived by hunting. After all, the condition is that it is inconspicuous, so it seems that he was actually wearing the most suitable disguise on the spot. Of course, I wouldn't have neglected daily training for that.
-: Speaking of training, do you run or jump?
Fuji: Of course, physical and mental training is important, but since you might not have been able to eat for days during your mission, you also need training to eat various things.
-: I see, it's awkward to be a ninja who is angry and knows where he is (laughs).
Fuji: It seems that when you went out to ninja, you also carried dumplings such as Hyorogan, but after all daily training would have been indispensable.
-: You've been accustomed to your body.
Fuji: Yes. After that, I was careful not to give off an odor, so I couldn't even eat the stimulant.
-: A ninja who can locate you with body odor ... I can't stand it.
Fuji: So it seems that deodorant was important. Alcohol and tobacco are also strictly prohibited.
-: Oh, I don't think I can be a ninja (laughs)
Fuji: Did you mean to be (laughs)

Firmly solidify the foundation for application.
And make use of it in your life.

-: By the way, ninjas have the image of mastering various tools. Shuriken and Mizugumo ...
Fuji: There are really various tools, and each one is well thought out.
-: What do you call it?
Fuji: After all, trial and error is being carried out so that it is not noticeable and not unnatural. Swordsticks are like that.
-: At first glance, it's just a wand.
Fuji: There are many things that can't be distinguished at first glance, and I don't think that is the door to twisting.
-: You heard that you were doing various things in preparation for the enemy.
Fuji: Yes. Since he is usually a farmer, he is not allowed to carry weapons such as swords, so it seems that there were hidden doors to hide them and karakuri such as secret rooms .
-: Just by visiting my house, I'm a ninja! It's not a ninja who can understand that (laughs)
Fuji: If you think about it, there are also prominent weapons such as fire arrows. Ninjas seem to have been able to handle gunpowder for a long time, and there is also a fire in Shinobi Rokugu (an essential tool for covert action). The fire is a must-have item for igniting torinokogami (smoke grenades) and roasting fire arrows.
-: I see, it's certainly annoying to have a smoke grenade without a fire.
Fuji: Some firearms are difficult to handle, but ninjas can master them.
-: To master such a mechanism ...
Fuji: It's training (laughs)
-: No, after all (laughs)
Fuji: But that would be the same as today's scholarship and martial arts. Firmly solidify the basics, acquire applications, and use them in your own life.
-: There seems to be a lot to be learned from ninja.
Fuji: Yes. There are many things to study when you read the " Bansenshukai " that has been passed down from generation to generation and various historical books.
-: That's how Hyorogan revived today.
Fuji: Yes. Regarding Hyorogan, I wrote it in the special edition "Illustration / Ninja and Ninjutsu" of Gakken's history group image series, so please take a look.
-:Thank you for your time today.
Fuji: Thank you very much.

(One day in Fumizuki: Between Nagato)

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