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Structure with a reason

Since ancient times, ninjas have arrived at their missions with various tools (ninja tools) and ingenuity.
Examples are the famous shuriken and twisting, and Fuji Ichimizu has reproduced the wisdom of such a ninja.
We have introduced them as a pleasure after having a meal, but this time I would like to see them here as well.


Low ceiling

In indoor combat, disabling the sword was very significant.
The ceiling was intentionally lowered so that the sword could not be swung around.
Also, it seems that the ninja's sword was more suitable for stabbing than slashing.

Hidden door

It seems that there were entrances and windows here and there that you couldn't tell at a glance in order to see what the enemy was doing and to escape from the enemy. It is this hidden door that reproduces it. I would like you to see for yourself what is happening on the other side.



It seems that there were various gimmicks to detect the movement of the enemy as soon as possible.
Naruko is a typical device in which a wooden board and a stick make a rattling noise when caught on a string.

Hidden sword

Weapons were hidden because the identity of the neighbors should not be known. However, it must be easy to take out in case of emergency.
Do you know where it is?

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